Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Damson Brazil 50% buffalo milk chocolate

Damson crafts this chocolate with organic cocoa beans sourced from Fazenda Camboa, a farm in Brazil in the Mata Atlantica jungle ("the most fertile cacao growing region in Brazil"), and buffalo milk from Laverstoke Farm in the UK

Currently, all Damson's milk chocolate is with milk from the buffalo
The aroma very Damson milk chocolate. That buffalo milk. It has an intriguing characteristic of gherkin. There was saline and acidity mixed with ultra-creaminess and subtle cocoa tones

The taste gifted an array of many flavours, but what stood out was strawberry milkshake blended with chocolate caramel 'shake. This was a rich chocolate, with the texture beautifully smooth and rich too

A new bar from Damson, you can buy it here or visit Damson in London!

Monday, 8 February 2016

Hotel Chocolat Rabot 1745 Saint Lucia 70%

Hotel Chocolat have made this chocolate with cocoa they grow themselves in Saint Lucia, having restored the 250 year old Rabot Estate just over 10 years ago

"Gentleman thief. Opens stealthily with a lock-pick of roasted cocoa before spinning the tumblers with woody roasted notes and nuts. Leaves you a calling card of tannins and tobacco." says Hotel Chocolat in fancy prose, and I'm sold

The aroma was medicinal, roasted and cocoa. The taste was TCP, which was quite nice actually, with foliage and 'chocolate'. Unlike previous Rabot chocolate I've had, the flavour did NOT suggest notes of water, like in the Colombian and Vietnamese  

The texture was grainy with a slow melt. Overall, a likeable chocolate

Thursday, 28 January 2016

Hoja Verde 50% dark milk

Unfortunately, there is no beautiful shot of this chocolate. This dark milk chocolate is described as "a delicacy" by Hoja Verde, and it has been awarded 'best milk chocolate of Ecuador 2014'. I love the packaging, with cow spots along the side

Despite having tried this chocolate before, the aroma was not what I expected. It had tones of lucuma, cocoa and general lightness. It wasn't the floral-ness I was expecting from Ecuadorian cacao

In the mouth, the melt begun swiftly with a smooth, buttery, creamy, thick texture. The taste, like the aroma, was unique. I thought herby, dairy, lucuma. It was strange but ever so compelling

Monday, 25 January 2016

Hotel Chocolat Rabot 1745 Colombia 75% Aractaca

image from Hotel Chocolat
The cocoa beans in this chocolate are from northern Colombia on the Caribbean coast. Hotel Chocolat give extra details such as the cocoa being a 2013 harvest, having a roast of 25 minutes at 130°C and with a refine and conche of 60 hours. As a high street brand, this is good to read, as even amongst craft chocolate such explicit detail is rare

The aroma was raisin, smoky, cherry, nice. The taste was noticeably acidic, with then tannins, H2O and finally metallic notes. Overall it was pretty sour
I appear to have messed up settings on my camera
In texture was the fine sugar particles. There was no soy/sunflower lecithin, whereas in other Rabot chocolate there often is. I think this is interesting

Sunday, 17 January 2016

Kiskadee Dark & Creamy Puerto Rico 70%

Kiskadee is a small batch craft chocolate maker in Austin, Texas, U S A. I bought this bar from Chocolatiers where there are a few more Kiskadee bars available. With only two ingredients, the cacao from Aguada, Puerto Rico mixed with 30% pure cane sugar, this chocolate appears to have taken the purer chocolate-making approach
The aroma was tropical fruits, metallic, biscuits and mango. The flavour was fruity, so very citrus, predominantly lime. It had the darkness of dark chocolate, without bitterness. There was a bit of nutmeg, pepper, vanilla, nuttiness. Meanwhile, I thought: wow, I haven't had a chocolate like this in a long time (i.e. before Christmas). This fruity flavour is one I often associate with craft chocolate; I like it, alot

Ideally there would be more fat, as the texture was brittle and it failed to melt adequately. But the aroma, flavour, and 2-ingredient-list made this a very adorning bar of chocolate